How Does Noise Cancellation Work

How Does Noise Cancellation Work

Let us tell you a story today. Allow us a moment to talk to the insect we all carry within us, an insect of curiosity. We will begin this story by asking you a question. Do you like interruption while listening to your favorite band hit it off? People chattering non-stop while you want to focus on that new song release. Whether metro or train, every public transport adds up to your frustration from all the unnecessary sound that enters your ears and disrupts your chain of thoughts. So, by now we have established, none of us likes noise. Just like us, a man found the unnecessary noises so frustrating that he actually decided to do something about it.

Now, buckle up your seatbelt for this story that dates back to 1978!

Yes, you heard it right.

Dr. Amar Bose was flying from Zurich to Boston trying to have a peaceful flight but the noise of the plane kept drowning the music he was listening to on his headphones. That is when Bose decides that he will create something that drowns the noise and not the music. And that, my friend, was a revolutionary step in the right direction. The active noise control takes several years to build itself completely. In the earlier days, by 1986 this was used to be a technology that was used solely by pilots and the military. Soon, the noise-canceling headphones dropped their price and became available to the common people as well!

With the changing times, a lot of audio wear companies started manufacturing noise cancellation earphones so that we have the time of our life drowning in nothing but music. 

But how do these noise-canceling headphones work? Hold on, much on that popcorn while we tell you all about it.

Every sound travels in the form of a wave. Every sound wave is different from the other. The valleys and highs differ for different words. Now imagine saying two words and producing different sound waves for the same. When we merge the sound waves of these two words we get a phenomenon called, Constructive Interference. Yes! Physics is cool too, wait for it. The constructive interference basically amplifies the sound making the overall combination louder. A good example of this would be a restaurant. Have you ever entered a restaurant or any crowded place when there was less crowd but as the crowd increases, sound overall increases too? Yes, right? That is Constructive Interference. Now, this is the phenomenon the innovators had their eyes on. Like every curious mind reading this blog, they thought that what if instead of getting louder the sound just...cease to exist? It becomes so silent as if it isn’t even present. That is where all the brilliant minds worked together and came up with the concept of- Destructive Interference. As already mentioned, sound waves have their own peaks and valleys. Now the noise-canceling headphones have built-in microphones. These noise cancellation mic, when detecting any sound wave from the surrounding (this is the ooh! part) produces an equal sound wave of the same waveform that is the total opposite! Now for every valley, there is a peak, and for every peak? That’s right, a valley. This results in the cancellation of the surrounding sound going in your ears and disrupting your moment with your favorite lyrics! The waves cancel each other out and a flat line infuses. This is the same concept that Egot 701 ANC works on, giving you the best possible solution for the noise that surrounds you! The 701 ANC lets you enjoy the Egot Signature Sound without any disturbance whatsoever, just like it is meant to be. But let’s see another thing, certain types of loud sounds usually don’t get canceled out in general. Let’s see why that happens as well. When sudden and loud noises arise from our surroundings, for instance, a loud thud or someone calling our name at the top of their voice or even a honking car, these have too many variations in the sound waves. It gets tricky for the noise cancellation device to detect and change the waveform. Hence, these noises do enter our ears but the impact is minimal. 

Noise cancellation works best for places that have consistent noise. Whether trains, planes, restaurants, or crowded places. ANC technology keeps all of these sounds away from your blissful experience! 

You see, you can only eliminate so many sounds at once. 

That’s it for today Egotheads. The show is over, for now, you can unfasten your seatbelts and relax a little. Here, in fewer words, you got to know everything you would want to know about how noise cancellation works! We at Egot always want the best for you and believe that you should know what you buy. Hence, with this, you know now the 701 ANC works on the lines of this brilliant technology. Although the show is over here, there is a lot more coming your way! Be a part of this tribe to always get the best just like you deserve.