Unleash The Gamer Within With The Power Of Sound

Unleash The Gamer Within With The Power Of Sound

Hey Gamers, Do You Know What Makes An Audio Gear Win You Matches?

If we had a penny for every time we lost a match due to unheard audio cues, we'd be frickin' rich by now. No, seriously. If you are a fanatic for action video games like us, you know exactly what we're talking about. Be it Battlegrounds Mobile India, Valorant, Freefire, or Fortnite - bad audio quality can make you lose it all, no matter how good your hand-eye coordination and skills are.

Tell me, how many times has this happened: you're playing your favourite game, you are at the perfect vantage point with the perfect weapon. You spot your enemy, shoot a round and leave him clueless about who hit 'em. Your enemy heals up and you're gearing up to seal the kill for once and for all. Right when you're about to give them a run for their life, a sneaky idiot comes from behind and kills you. Sad, right? Makes you angry, no? We feel you, because we've been there ourselves. Most footprint sound and audio cues go unnoticed because normal earphones are not built to support micro-level sound these high-end games demand.

Even if you're a casual gamer and don't plan to conquer the world of eSports, a quality audio gear is essential in giving you an edge over your enemies (and friends too). But how do you figure which audio gear is right for your gaming needs? What are the features that make an earphone win you matches?

C'mon, let's break down each perk and each factor together, so you can know how to sky-rocket your gameplay and K/D ratio. *stonks*

3D Audio Support

The world of eSports is inching closer and closer to reality. Graphics have evolved exponentially over the years to make believable maps and environments. Character motion has become unbelievably accurate. And game creators have successfully unlocked realistic auditory effects to let users immerse themselves into the experience.

In today's action video games, sound precedes sight. They have become the key factor that decides your digital life and death. Say, in a game like Battlegrounds Mobile India (when it finally arrives) or Valorant, the right use of directional 3D sound is way more effective than graphics in bagging the Chicken Dinner home. An audio headset that supports directional sound can help you in more ways than one.  

While tussling in a close-range fight, the right headset can reveal your opponent's location and make the fight one-sided. Similarly, when you're being shot at from a long distance, the opponent's gunshot can tell you their distance, direction, and weaponry at use. Your audio gear can also make you aware of nearby vehicles and give you a fair chance of taking the driver down.

To round up, 3D or directional audio support is super important, and you mustn't ignore it.

Can't-Hear-You-Mom Kinda Noise Isolation

Imagine you're playing your favorite game with your friends. You're in a compound, and an opponent team pushes dangerously. You make your friends aware and take a position. Trade fire begins and a friend of yours is hit bad. You don't panic but can feel your heart throbbing in your chest. Right then, you hear a loud noise of traffic coming from outside, and your sibling is talking loudly in the other room too. You are distracted by these noises, and guess what? You lose the match.

The point being, noise isolation is imperative for you gamers in eliminating distractions. 

A Good Mic - Because Much Like Relationships, Communication is Key In Team Gameplay

Listen up, nobody, not you, not your friends, not us - nobody likes to be at the receiving end of a shoddy mic. Period. Not only do they resist clear communication, but they also produce awful distracting noise. So while buying your next gaming audio gear, ensure it has a good mic that reduces background noise and is placed correctly. 

Okay then, what did we learn? For an audio gear to actually improve your gameplay, three things are crucial: 3D or directional sound support, noise isolation, and a good mic. 

Great, you're now all set to stun your friends with your awesome spotting skills and be the 'pro player' you always wanted to become. 

Cheers, fellow gamer!