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This report is an electronic record as far as Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules there under as material and the changed arrangements relating to electronic records in different resolutions as altered by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is created by a PC framework and doesn't need any physical or computerized marks

This record is distributed as per the arrangements of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries rules) Rules, 2011 that require distributing the standards and guidelines, security strategy and Terms of Use for access or use of

The space name: (which will hereinafter be alluded to as "Site"), is possessed and worked by Fejour International ("COMPANY") a Private Company restricted by shares, joined under the arrangements of the Companies Act, where such articulation will, except if repulsive to the setting thereof, be considered to incorporate its individual delegates, managers, representatives, chiefs, officials, specialists and their replacements and doles out

With the end goal of this Privacy ("POLICY"), any place the unique situation so requires

The term 'YOU' &'USER' will mean any legitimate individual or element getting to or utilizing the administrations gave on this Website, who is equipped to go into official agreements, according to the arrangements of the Indian Contract Act, 1872

The terms 'WE', 'US' and 'OUR' will mean the Website and additionally the Company, as the unique situation so requires.

The terms 'Gathering' and 'Gatherings' will separately be utilized to allude to the User and the Company exclusively and all things considered, as the specific circumstance so requires

The headings of each segment in this Policy are just to sort out the different arrangements under this Policy in an efficient way, and will not be utilized by one or the other Party to decipher the arrangements contained thus in any way. Further, it is explicitly consented to by the Parties that the headings will have no legitimate or legally binding worth

The utilization of the Website by the User is exclusively represented by this Policy just as the Terms of Use of the Website ("TERMS"), accessible at, and any alterations or changes made thereto by the Company now and again, at its sole tact. Visiting the landing page of the Website as well as utilizing any of the administrations gave on the Website will be considered to mean the User's unequivocal acknowledgment of this Policy and the previously mentioned Terms, and the User explicitly consents to be limited by something very similar. The User explicitly concurs and recognizes that the Terms and Policy are co-end, and that expiry/end of possibly one will prompt the end of the other

The User unequivocally concurs that this Policy and the previously mentioned Terms comprise a legitimately authoritative arrangement between the User and the Company, and that the User will be dependent upon the standards, rules, strategies, terms, and conditions material to any help that is given by the Website , and that the equivalent will be considered to be fused into the Terms, and will be Cookied as an integral part of something similar. The User recognizes and concurs that no signature or express demonstration is needed to make these Terms and the Policy restricting on the User and that the User's demonstration of visiting any piece of the Website establishes the User's full and last acknowledgment of the Policy and the previously mentioned Terms

The Parties explicitly concur that the Company holds the sole and restrictive option to correct or adjust the Policy and the previously mentioned Terms with no earlier authorization or hint to the User, and the User explicitly concurs that any such revisions or changes will become effective right away. The User has an obligation to occasionally check the Policy and Terms, and stay refreshed on their arrangements and necessities. On the off chance that the User keeps on utilizing the Website following such a change, the User will be considered to have assented to all corrections/adjustments made to the Policy and Terms. To the extent that the User follows the Policy and Terms, he/she is conceded an individual, non-selective, non-adaptable, revocable, restricted advantage to enter, access and utilize the Website


The User explicitly concurs and recognizes that the Company gathers and stores the User's own data, which is given by the User now and again on the Website, including however not restricted to the User's Name, date of birth, sex, address, client name, passwords, email address, shopping inclinations, perusing history, and so forth, just as any pictures or other data transferred/distributed by the User on the Website. The User knows that this data will be utilized by the Company/Website to offer types of assistance and highlights focused at the User, that are destined to address the User's issues, and furthermore to redo and improve the Website to make its clients' encounters more secure and simpler

The User knows that the Company/Website may consequently follow certain data about the User dependent on the User's IP address and the User's conduct on the Website, and the User explicitly agrees to something very similar. The User knows that this data is utilized to do inward research on client socioeconomics, interests, and conduct, to empower the Company/Website to all the more likely comprehend, and oblige the interests of its clients. The User is explicitly made mindful that such data may incorporate the URL that the User visited preceding getting to the Website, the URL which the User therefore visits (regardless of whether these URLs structure a piece of the Website), the User's PC and internet browser data, the User's IP address, and so forth

On the off chance that the User decides to buy administrations from the Website, the User agrees to permit the Company/Website to gather data about the User's purchasing conduct and patterns

On the off chance that the User decides to post messages/surveys/criticism anyplace on the Website, including yet not restricted to message sheets, visit rooms, other message regions, and so on, the User knows that any such data gave/transferred will be gathered and put away by the Company inconclusively, and that such held data might be utilized to determine debates, give client assistance, investigate issues, and so forth, and that such data, whenever mentioned, might be given to legal or administrative specialists of imperative locale, or in any case utilized by the Company/Website as allowed by pertinent laws

The User knows that any data relating to the User gathered by the Company, regardless of whether straightforwardly given by the User to the Company/Website, including however not restricted to individual correspondence like messages or letters, criticism from different clients or outsiders with respect to the User's exercises or postings on the Website, and so forth, might be gathered and ordered by the Company/Website into a record/organizer explicitly made for/designated to the User, and the User therefore explicitly agrees to something similar

The User knows that while he/she can peruse a few segments of the Website without being an enrolled client, certain exercises require the User to give substantial individual data to the Company/Website with the end goal of enlistment. The User knows that the contact data gave to the Company/Website might be utilized to send the User offers and advancements, regardless of whether dependent on the User's past orders and interests, and the User thusly explicitly agrees to get something similar

The User knows that the Company/Website may periodically demand the User to finish discretionary online reviews. These overviews may require the User to give contact data and segment data (like postal division, age, level of pay, sex, and so forth) The User knows that this information also is utilized to tweak the Website to support the User, and furnishing all clients of the Website with items/administrations/content that the Company/Website accepts they may be keen on benefiting of, and furthermore to show content as indicated by the User's inclinations

The User is further mindful that the Company/Website may sporadically demand the User to compose audits for administrations bought/benefited of by the User from the Website. The User knows that such audits will help different clients of the Website make reasonable and right buys and the User thus explicitly approves the Company/Website to distribute all surveys composed by the User on the Website, alongside the User's name and certain contact subtleties, for the advantage and utilization of different Users of the Website

Nothing contained in this will be considered to propel the Website/Company to store, transfer, distribute, or show in any way content/audits/studies/input put together by the User, and the User therefore explicitly approves the Website/Company to eliminate from the Website any such substance, survey, study, or criticism presented by the User, without cause or being needed to tell the User of the equivalent


The User knows that a 'Cookie' is a little snippet of data put away by a web worker on an internet browser so it can later be followed back from that specific program, and that Cookie are helpful for empowering the program to recall data explicit to a given client, including yet not restricted to a User's login ID, secret word, and so forth The User knows that the Website places both lasting and impermanent Cookies in the User's PC's hard drive and Mobile Phone's Memory Storage unit and internet browser, and does thusly explicitly agree to something very similar

The User is further mindful that the Website utilizes information assortment gadgets, for example, Cookies on specific pages of the Website to help investigate page stream, measure limited time adequacy, and advance trust and wellbeing, and that specific highlights of the Website are just accessible using such Cookies. While the User is allowed to decay the Website 's Cookies if the User's program allows, the User may thus be not able to utilize certain highlights on the Website

Moreover, the User knows that he/she may experience 'Cookies' or other comparative gadgets on specific pages of the Website that are put by outsiders or members of the Company/Website. The User explicitly concurs and recognizes that the Company/Website doesn't control the utilization of such Cookies/different gadgets by outsiders, that the Company/Website is not the slightest bit answerable for the equivalent, and that the User expects all dangers in such manner


The User knows that the Website/Company may impart the User's own data to other corporate substances and partners to help distinguish and forestall wholesale fraud, extortion, and other conceivably unlawful demonstrations; correspond related or different records to forestall maltreatment of the Website's administrations; and to work with joint or co-marked administrations, where such administrations are given by more than one corporate element

The User knows that the Website/Company may reveal individual data whenever needed to do as such by law or if the Website/Company in compliance with common decency accepts that such exposure is sensibly important to react to summons, court orders, or other legitimate cycles. The Website/Company may likewise reveal the User's own data to law requirement workplaces, outsider rights proprietors, or other outsiders in the event that it accepts that such divulgence is sensibly important to uphold the Terms or Policy; react to claims that an ad, posting or other substance disregards the privileges of an outsider; or ensure the rights, property or individual security of its clients, or the overall population

The User is further mindful that the Website/Company and its associates may share/sell a few or the entirety of the User's own data with other business elements should the Company/Website (or its resources) plan to converge with, or be obtained by such business element, or in case of re-association, combination, or rebuilding of the Company's business. Such business element or new element will keep on being limited by the Terms and Policy, as might be altered now and again

The User is further mindful that the Website/Company will impart the client's very own data to installment entryways to deal with the installments in a quick way


The User knows that the Company/Website utilizes outsider publicizing organizations to serve promotions to the clients of the Website. The User knows that these organizations may utilize data identifying with the User's visits to the Website and different Websites to give altered promotions to the User. Moreover, the Website may contain connections to different Websites that may gather actually recognizable data about the User. The Company/Website isn't answerable for the protection rehearses or the substance of any of the previously mentioned connected Websites, and the User explicitly recognizes something very similar and concurs that any dangers related will be borne totally by the User


By utilizing the Website as well as by giving data to the Company through the Website, the User agrees to the assortment and utilization of the data unveiled by the User on the Website as per this Policy, including however not restricted to the User's assent the Company/Website sharing/uncovering the User's data, according to the terms contained hereinabove in Section 4 of the Policy

6. Complaint OFFICER

As per Information Technology Act 2000 and rules made there under, the name and contact subtleties of the Grievance Officer are given underneath

Contact information.:

A complaint official is any individual who is very much aware with the undertakings of the organization. He/she can be any individual who knows the working of the organization/site appropriately.


It is explicitly consented to by the Parties hereto that the development, translation, and execution of this Policy and any questions emerging here from will be settled through a two-venture Alternate Dispute Resolution ("ADR") component. It is additionally consented to by the Parties that the substance of this Section will endure even after the end or expiry of the Policy as well as Terms.

Intervention: For the situation of any debate between the Parties, the Parties will endeavor to determine the equivalent genially among themselves, to the common fulfillment of the two players. If the Parties can't arrive at a particularly genial arrangement inside thirty (30) days of one Party conveying the presence of a debate to the next Party, the question will be settled by discretion, as point by point hereinbelow;

Intervention. If the Parties can't genially resolve a question by intervention, said debate will be alluded to assertion by a sole authority to be delegated by the Company, and the honor passed by such sole referee will be legitimate and restricting on the two players. The Parties will bear their own expenses for the procedures, albeit the sole referee may, in his/her sole attentiveness, direct either Party to bear the whole expense of the procedures. The assertion will be directed in English, and the seat of Arbitration will be the city of Delhi, India.

The Parties explicitly concur that the Terms, Policy and some other arrangements went into between the Parties are administered by the laws, rules, and guidelines of India, and that the Courts at the city of Delhi, India will have restrictive ward over any debates emerging between the Parties.